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Don Bosco College of Education and Research Institute is situated in Adhiyaman by pass road, Sogathur, Dharmapuri and is administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco.

John Bosco was born on 16August 1815 at a little hamlet called Becchi, in northern Italy. When John was two, his father died, leaving the widow Margaret with an ailing mother- in- law, a step - son and two other boys to eke out a living on a farm in the hills of Piedmont. Love and hardship characterized the home. Despite all odds, John wanted an education; he wanted to become a priest.

At the age of twelve, he left home to find work. At fourteen, he found a tutor. At fifteen, he began taking jobs of any kind to pay for lodging and school. At the age of twenty six, he realized his dream.

"I want to be a priest who cares about children", he said and that is what he did. He began, faltering and searching at first in the industrial city of Turin. His first permanent school was a broken down shed. The trades he had learnt while working his way through school became the trades he taught to classes given even in his kitchen. His mother joined him in Turin as "Mamma Margaret - Mother of Don Bosco’s orphans".

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